“Concept Boards” for a living room

The brief : Two very different styles living under the one roof is always a challenge. We all have views, however the people we choose to live with sometimes have different views to our own in terms of how they want their home to look! …..I’m saddened (glad!) that my partner has no views at all when it comes to interiors (other than a large comfy armchair to watch rugby is a must) and therefore I have a free hand to do what a like!

This brief had two distinctive taste on interiors; one being a contemporary pad, with low seating, no cushions, large telly (bachelor pad look) etc……and another liking pastel colours, floral and country chic. Therefore compromise has to be the key word here. Therefore 3 very different concept boards were produced to communicate a design intent.

Sydney, Aus inspired – Chose this for calming colours – but not “full on” pastels, geometric design (large rug, soft furnishings) flowing through the concept which gives a strong architectural feel, low level storage units, designer inspired egg chair – providing a softer touch, white walls giving sense of space and openness and also large photographic seascapes a must.


Monochrome – with a touch of glam (gold). Who ever tires of black and white!.. a design classic and very easy on the eye. I chose this concept for the best of both worlds, but the trick here is “accent colour”. For example, add a subtle baby pink to this room and it becomes a calming room or add a striking emerald green and becomes a strong masculine space …..(shown with mustard background and everyone’s happy!)….extremely easy to transform as you would only need a piece of artwork on a wall, a coffee table or a few cushions to add the pop of colour…..and ta dah!

2016-03-18 20.23.47


Eclectic  –  elements from a varied mix of eras, styles and materials to create a fluid, colourful, bohemian style. You will never be able to get this look from a “Next/John Lewis/Ikea” catalogue….this one off styling is highly creative, nothing matches yet it’s all got to make perfect sense by bringing the scheme together through colour, shapes, textures and finishes. This was chosen to push my clients out of their comfort zones and to encourage creativity…..a wild card amongst the rest!

2016-03-18 20.23.11


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